Reading Roundup: Week 0

I’ve decided to make a post sharing whatever interesting links on politics, policy, economics etc that I’ve found during the week. As this is the first week, I will likely change the format as I go along (e..g haven’t decided how I want to share new/old research papers).  Also, the list is a little longer than planned, but that is because some of the articles are a couple weeks old.


Mobilization vs. Persuasion:

Beyond Social Movement Unionism

Decline of Unions and Rise of Trump:

What Would it Take to Flip the House:

Optimism and Nostalgia Among Clinton/Trump Supporters:

The Working Families Party endorses Clinton:

The future of the Left in Europe:


Jason Furman on the decline of the LFPR among prime aged men (labor):

Vox on the Public Option (healthcare):

Susan Rice Interview (foreign policy):

Interaction between Emission Reduction and Technological Improvements (climate change):
Incarceration Rates and Racial Disparities (prison reform) :

Economics (General):

Unequal Gains and Income Inequality:

Why Women Are No Longer Catching Up to Men On Pay:

The Second Big Shift (Re: Government Bond):

U.S., An Outlier on life expectancy and health care spending:

Economics (Technical):

The State of Macro and the Future of DSGE:

Sticky Wages, Overrated? :

Testing Piketty’s Hypothesis on the Drivers of Income Inequality: Evidence from Panel VARs with Heterogeneous Dynamics:

Econometrics Reading Group:


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